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Cedar Custom Homes Design Choice

Custom Cedar Homes Design Development

Customers building a custom cedar home for the first time have a general idea of what they want but not a finished design. Linwood Custom Homes manufacturer has developed a number of cedar home kit plan books showing examples of different styles of homes to stimulate the imagination and help conceptualize the vision. Design development is a process and quite natural. You are encouraged to give free expression to your ideas; after all, it is a custom cedar home that you are building. The final design will evolve as all the important individual components are brought together.

Cedar Custom Homes Design

  • Custom design sources in-house that offer you complete flexibility in designing your home?
  • We can work from your rough sketches, pictures and ideas to create a unique design including floor plan and all exterior elevations?
  • You can choose between post and beam, timber frame, hybrid or a conventional style of design?
  • After we create your custom concept drawings, we will make alterations at no added cost prior to the preparation of construction blueprints?
  • We can produce true site-specific blueprints that take into consideration the location of the house and slope of the property, access, zoning, and local building guidelines?
  • You will have direct access to the design team when needed?
  • We will provide high-quality, builder-friendly construction blueprints complete with foundation plans on a timely basis?

We find customers have a certain external style in mind for their custom cedar homes. With our design expertise we can generally meet the specific space and layout needs within the envelope of the look chosen. Our custom kit home representatives are trained to help you design what you want. Many competitors say they are custom cedar home builders but really want you to work within the parameters of a few existing models.

We are happy to build you a true custom cedar home.

Once your custom kit home design is finalized, you are given a firm price quote for a home kit package which will enable you to proceed to the lock-up stage. At this stage, a contract is signed and the package price guaranteed for three months. By contrast beware of others in the industry who have open-ended ability to increase prices even after you think you have a contract.

We will send you within two weeks of contract signature a set of large scale preliminary drawings showing elevations and floor plans. You can use them to make revisions which are incorporated into your final custom cedar home construction blueprints. You may still change these home kit blueprints once again if necessary to fine-tune your design at no extra charge.

The final set of home kit blueprints are highly detailed and will enable you to obtain planning approvals and then proceed to construct your custom cedar home.

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