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During the current financial market, financing becomes a major consideration for those wanting to purchase their dream or vacation home. Cedar Designs works closely with different financial institutions covering virtually all areas of both the United States and Canada. Select banks are may offer financing options for our package home purchasers based on the cost certainty of the Linwood process.

By using our comprehensive design and material package, you have the ability to fix a large portion of your construction costs for an extended period of time. (This same level of cost certainty is not possible for homeowners working independently with a combination of designers, builders and local lumber yards.)

Lenders often give priority treatment to our customers because of the proven high resale value of our custom cedar homes. This is almost invariably significantly higher than spec-built or even other prefab custom homes. It also explains why key banks recognize the value of a Linwood custom home.

Cedar Designs Cedar Homes Financing

Even if you do not strictly need financing it may be advisable to do so for tax or personal reasons. Feel free to discuss your needs with your custom cedar home representative and we will try to match your requirements with the right financing package.

Once you have your budget finalized you will know where you stand. The budget and Linwood custom cedar home plan are submitted to the lender together with relevant financial information. Approvals can be as fast as 24 hours due to the familiarity of lenders with the Linwood line of custom kit home products. We try to make this process as easy as possible for you.


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