Your Custom Homes Package

We invite you to take a look at the features of some Linwood custom cedar homes. You will see rich, natural materials, floor-to-ceiling windows, dramatic rooflines, and harmonious living spaces.

Your Linwood cedar homes package will have all the components you need to complete your cedar home to "lock-up stage". This means that you can then complete your interior finishing, electrical and plumbing in a fully weatherproofed environment at your own pace. It also allows you to give full consideration to interior finishing alternatives when you can actually stand in, and visualize, the individual rooms.

We will help you determine the right choices in selecting the materials to be used in your custom kit cedar home. The Linwood product line offers a variety of different construction alternatives including post and beam, conventional framing or a combination of both. Without compromising on quality you can build a prefab cedar home within your budget by choosing and tailoring the package to meet your needs.

There are three basic packages, the Advantage, Deluxe and Ultra. These reflect different finishing combinations and are a matter of personal preference. All custom kit cedar home packages deal with a major concern that customers have of eliminating unnecessary maintenance items. Our product line-up reflects this concern. Your custom designed cedar kit home is for enjoyment rather than time-consuming maintenance work.

The external appearance of your custom cedar home can vary greatly depending on the materials chosen to clad the outside walls. The style and shape of windows also makes a huge difference. The right kind of architectural detailing can also make the subtle difference that distinguishes a truly outstanding cedar home.

Other key variables that should be carefully considered are:

Siding Material - The external look of your cedar home will vary greatly depending on the color and type of material chosen to clad the outside walls.
Windows - The style, shape and performance of windows makes a major design statement as well as affecting comfort within your cedar home.
Architectural Detail - The right kind of finish detailing can make the difference that distinguishes a truly outstanding cedar home.
Interior Finishing - Linwood custom kit homes tend to use cedar or pine wood in the ceilings of the great rooms and possibly other featured rooms. Conventional drywalling, together with exposed beams, is also an attractive finishing alternative.
Roofing - Asphalt or fiberglass shingles in many colors are available, as well as cedar shakes or shingles. Another very popular alternative is a metal roof, long-lasting and strikingly colorful.

Whichever custom cedar homes package you choose, it will be engineered to the same high construction standards. Unlike others, we do not reduce the material specifications or delete some of the components required to complete the home to lock-up.

With each custom home package, you get the superior materials you need to achieve the best results when building your home.

All Cedar Designs / Linwood Custom Home packages are complete and include:

- Construction blueprints
- Framing lumber and plywood to build walls and floors
- Siding in a wide variety of materials, styles, colors and finishes
- Customized windows and skylights
- An extensive selection of exterior doors
- Roofing materials

We even include housewrap and rust-proof nails.

Many options are also available, including:

- Sun rooms and solariums
- Select pine or cedar interior finishing
- Solid timber, log or glu-lam beams
- Cedar siding in custom profiles
- Drywall and insulation

We offer the most comprehensive and flexible custom kit home packages in the industry. Every item meets the highest possible specifications - a wide range of hi-line lumber, premium western red cedar, pine and douglas fir, superior structural materials, and high quality components at lower than retail prices

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