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Building Your Custom Cedar Home

Building Custom Cedar Homes

Building a custom cedar home is an involved process. Making an informed decision is not easy.

There are a lot of steps involved in building your new custom post and beam, log or timber frame cedar home. Some are more challenging than others, depending on location and structural requirements, but it is rare that you cannot build the custom kit home you on your own property.

We are driven to meet the needs of our custom cedar home customers. We have many different types of featured prefab log homes including post and beam, timber frame and traditional log homes, as well as our trademark custom cedar homes.

We offer a variety of custom cedar home options to support our customers given the level of involvement with which they feel most comfortable. Some customers will actually purchase our panelized home kits to build the home themselves. We have customers that will act as their own general contractor and hire individual trades experienced in post and beam, timber frame, log home, and custom cedar homes construction. Some customers will hire a general contractor to manage the entire post and beam, log or timber frame home project for them. The Linwood prefab custom kit homes package works equally well in every case.

The cedar homes general process involves:

- Lot Purchase
- Home Design Choice
- Selection of Builder and Sub-Trades
- Budget Finalization
- Financing
- Obtaining Permits
- Home Construction
- Finishing Touches
- Landscaping

Cedar Homes Experience that Ads Up

We understand the process and can help you make the right decisions needed to get the best possible outcome when building your post and beam, log or timber frame cedar home. Our expert staff will help you from start to finish when building your new custom kit dream home.

To build a special post and beam, log or timber frame cedar home and create value for yourself, you need to bring together expertise, quality materials and post and beam, log or timber frame cedar home construction capability. It means building the post and beam, log or timber frame cedar home you want while getting the choices you need, and being able to count on support every step of the way.

We will be by your side through the entire design and building process.

Start Living Your Dream by Contacting us Today! You can get started on your Custom Cedar Prefab Home by calling (800)-728-4474 today.